Supply Chain

Christina Degn Gerling - Senior Specification Manager

Together, we deliver success from supply to better nutrition

At Arla Foods Ingredients I’m surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues. People who really know their stuff and who share and contribute their ideas. I’m proud of what we achieve every day, not just in supply chain but across the company, when we work together to develop and deliver high quality ingredients to our customers.

Customizing high-quality ingredients for better lives

As Senior Specification Manager, I lead the team that handles specification requests from customers that fall outside our standard framework of quality guarantees on our protein products. We deliver high-quality ingredients for nutritional products for very sensitive users. If a customer’s requests fall outside of our standards, my team ensures that we can accommodate them without compromising our quality or business. I once worked for a company that supplied laboratory mice. That didn’t go down well in my first mother’s group. Believe me, supplying healthy ingredients that give PKU patients a better quality of life is so much easier to take pride in and talk about.

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We turn strong science into great nutrition

I have a degree in molecular biology, so I was attracted to Arla Foods Ingredients because of their work with protein. I was also fascinated by the fact that whey is a living product with its own microbiology. It’s not just nuts and bolts. It’s alive. The processes still fascinate me. In supply chain, we’re in the center of the action, making sure the engine runs smoothly, that we do what we’ve promised to do at the right quality. We work closely together across R&D, supply chain and the commercial department to develop and deliver nutritional ingredients. We don’t make supply chain decisions or commercial decisions in isolation. We make the right decisions together.

Great colleagues spur you on

Before I had children, I was an amateur jockey. I’ve ridden 500 races, been thrown off 50 times and got back up every time. I bring the same attitude to work. I want us to win. And I never pass on a challenge. That’s why most of my work here has been project-based, from developing our new CRM-system to heading up the spec team. That’s the spirit here: Take initiative, take responsibility, take action. You have talented and friendly colleagues ready to help you whenever you have questions. And I have many questions! The work atmosphere here is really positive, so you feel you’re being carried across the finish line.