Affordable Nutrition

Our main partners

Our main partners are:

GAIN Nordic Partnership
The GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) Nordic Partnership is a multi-sector platform that aims to facilitate scalable and inclusive business models, which enhance the nutritional value of food in developing countries. The platform brings together companies, civil society organisations, academia and the public sector to bridge knowledge and goals. GAIN Nordic Partnership is a forum for collaboration, action and knowledge sharing. We are a founder member.

In December 2016, the Danish development cooperation Danida granted financial support for a GAIN Nordic project to develop the Ethiopian dairy market. You can read more about the project here

NGO and company partnerships for inclusive business are described in this Endeva report. A case study about the collaboration between Arla Foods Ingredients, DanChurchAid, GAIN Nordic, and the Confederation of Danish Industry is on page 92 .

SUN Business Network
The SUN Business Network was launched in 2010 by the World Food Programme and GAIN to promote business engagement in the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement. The aim is to build a network of businesses — food, non-food, multinational and local — to develop the profitable, sustainable and innovative business models required to scale up nutrition in developing countries. We became a member in early 2017. Via the platform, we now offer technical assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises across the globe.

DanChurchAid (DCA) is an NGO dedicated to helping people living in poverty or whose lives are threatened. Like Arla Foods Ingredients, DCA is a founder member of the GAIN Nordic Partnership. In 2018, DCA and Arla Foods Ingredients entered a partnership agreement to share knowledge and expertise and develop new affordable food concepts. The first initiative was the Sustainable Food Partnership to promote local production of nutritious food for people living in or around refugee camps. P4G provided financial support for the project.

P4G is now funding a project to develop a nutritious biscuit with locally grown chickpeas for malnourished families in Ethiopia. Learn more about the project here.

Leading university scientists in paediatric nutrition conduct studies to identify optimum, affordable nutrition for undernourished children. We support this work either alone or in collaboration with other organisations.