Openness is crucial to be innovative


Endless possibilities

How can we be truly innovative? It starts with being open.

Innovative thinking starts with believing that anything is possible. We enjoy exploring new ideas, technologies and applications.

We know that information sharing and scientific interpretation are critical. We are therefore open to collaboration across industries, sectors and between different scientific disciplines.

Sharing is caring

Our partnership is mutually beneficial for everyone involved ourselves, our customers, our partners including universities and suppliers, and of course the end consumer. Building connections and sharing findings should be fundamental to these partnerships. Our knowledge is combined with those working in universities and other industries to create new raw materials with good properties and functions. We like to work together from an early discovery stage so that our solutions can be tailored to your needs.


clear communication

We always insist on open communication, which ensures a great deal of transparency in our value chain. We achieve this through clear definitions, raw material knowledge, documentation and quality control. Our documentation details comprehensive information about product ingredients, safety parameters and contaminants.

Equally important, our robust regulators have cultivated a global regulatory network over many years. Our efforts to conduct face-to-face meetings with regulators around the world provide us with rare and valuable insights.

All of these factors work together to help us build open, honest, and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders that will help us innovate in the future.

Our innovative thinking led us to discover the wonders of whey: