Whey protein isolate in health food

Protein is an important nutrient for us all, and ensuring you get an optimal daily intake is vital to keeping your body healthy, strong and healthy. Throughout our lives, protein plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy by building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. Also helpful for weight management and weight loss.

High-quality protein rich in essential amino acids

Whey protein is considered one of the highest quality proteins due to the essential and branched-chain amino acids it contains. Whey protein isolate contains at least 90% protein. Arla Foods Ingredients offers a number of products suitable for a variety of applications, from powders to beverages and gels.

Read more about the health benefits of using whey protein isolate to formulate supplements:

Whey protein isolate product range:

  • Lacprodan® ISO.Clear: functional whey protein isolate, protein fortification product for sports and health. Very high thermal stability and transparent in solution making them ideal for pasteurization or UHT beverages. Protein dry basis content is approximately 90%
  • Lacprodan® SP-9213: UHT stabilized whey protein isolate suitable for acidic clear beverages with < 0.2% fat and lactose content and approximately 90% protein concentrate on a dry basis.
  • Lacprodan® SP-9224: Whey protein isolate, fat and lactose content <0.2% , and 92% protein concentrate on a dry basis
  • Lacprodan® SP-9225 INS: Instant whey protein isolate, <0.1% lactose and 92% protein concentrate on dry basis

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