Innovation Potential for High-Protein Dairy
The beverage category has never been as innovative as it is today. From its humble beginnings as a thirst quencher, beverages have evolved into a lifestyle product that meets the needs of more consumers. Arla Food Ingredients has developed a range of ingredient solutions to help you make the most of the growing beverage market. 

Our Nutrilac® and Lacprodan® beverage solutions contain natural high-quality whey protein derived from milk and are specifically designed for a variety of protein-rich beverages. 

Our proteins overcome potential problems caused by protein enrichment, including unpleasant protein taste, granularity and processing challenges. You can specify the viscosity, creaminess and appearance according to your drink. 

High protein drinks
High protein is one of the big trends today. The new development targets cover everything from meal replacements and daily snacks to drinks for exercise recovery, clinical nutrition and muscle care for the elderly. High protein can help older adults maintain muscle.

Arla Foods Ingredients can also help you overcome taste and texture challenges that arise when adding high levels of protein to drinks. Our solutions are suitable for milk and water-based beverages and are resistant to pasteurization and UHT flash sterilization. 

Transparent protein drinks
More and more consumers want to exercise frequently and for a long time, which requires a snack that can quickly replenish energy to accelerate muscle recovery and growth.

Whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate are better nutritional sources when it comes to satiety and muscle mass development . This is exactly our original intention of creating a high-protein transparent beverage concept, using 100% whey protein isolate or whey protein hydrolyzate as the protein source to produce a crystal-clear, high-protein beverage with extremely low viscosity. 

A fusion of whey and juice
Fruit juice and nectar are increasingly being added to dairy products to create a new type of beverage to refresh busy consumers. Our solutions can be applied to a variety of milk - juice combinations, including children's juices containing 3.5% whey protein and high-protein meal replacement shakes / smoothies with up to 8% protein , ideal for convenient daily snacks. 

Dairy beverages
There is huge room for innovation in the dairy beverage industry. Currently, new product development focuses on health, new flavors, light sports nutrition and convenience, which provides opportunities for meal replacement and ready-to-eat food solutions. 

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