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From addressing food security to resolving patients’ dietary challenges, and from slowing the aging process to boosting athletic performance, we are continually learning more about whey protein’s potential.

Henrik Andersen
Henrik Andersen CEO, Arla Foods Ingredients

The Whey & Protein blog is a non-promotional resource that disseminates the findings, opinions and aims of leading researchers and healthcare practitioners around the world.

Since its beginnings in 2017, the blog has become increasingly relevant and, we’re proud to say, popular. It’s become a well-accepted platform by many of the world’s most prominent researchers in the field.

While this blog is powered by Arla Foods Ingredients, its primary aim is non-commercial, and its position is neutral. In fact, the Whey & Protein blog’s focus is to educate its readership about the latest research findings around whey protein. Products and companies are mentioned only when doing so is key to the reader’s understanding of an issue or its context.

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This blog contains material and information intended for B2B customers, suppliers and distributors, and is not intended as information to the final consumers. 

About the blog

This blog is a medium for all industry experts to share knowledge about and viewpoints on whey protein and lactose - and, in particular, their documented or potential benefits to the world.

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