The same cheese - faster production, less fat,
unique taste and texture are the most outstanding features of each cheese that makes it called cheese. This feature is therefore indispensable whether you are producing low-fat yellow cheese, soft mature cheese, white cheese or Pasteur cheese.

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed some of the most ideal whey-based fat replacement solutions on the market.

whey protein has been shown to simulate the mouthfeel of the fat in dairy products, thereby filling the mouthfeel defects caused by the missing fat in traditional low-fat cheese made from milk, rennet and starter cultures, and is a Natural ingredients.

Consumers will still enjoy a similar texture and creaminess to the full-fat alternative. Product yield will also increase by 5-15%.

The accelerated ripening process
shortens the ripening process of European and Cheddar cheeses by one to six weeks – optimizing cheese production and reducing storage costs.

final product

  • More attractive to consumers and avoids common pitfalls of low-fat cheese, such as dry texture, rubbery chew, and low production yields.
  • The maturation process is accelerated, so it can be launched weeks earlier than before.
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