Go natural with clean label dairy ingredients

Perfect texture, natural dairy products. With our Nutrilac® solutions, you can eliminate many other texture-enhancing ingredients from your formulations. Consumers will be more satisfied with the sensory quality of yogurt, fermented desserts, dairy beverages and cheese products. The best part is, these are “clean label” products.

Clean label ingredients have become a driving trend in the dairy industry, not to mention the food industry as a whole. At Arla Foods Ingredients , we have been using proteins to design clean label products with different textures for many years. We can satisfy almost every consumer's preference for yogurt , fermented desserts , refreshing milk drinks and delicate and unique cheeses .

Combining protein and processing

The formation of these textures depends primarily on our knowledge of the components of milk proteins and our ability to combine specific components and processing techniques. We can optimize and control the natural water-binding and gelling properties of proteins, making them an effective tool for creating unique dairy textures. Our goal is to help you deliver the best sensory experience for your consumers all using clean label ingredients.

Product reliable

With our ingredients and expertise, you can eliminate other texture-enhancing ingredients from your formulations and rely on our functional proteins to:

  • Provide you with high-quality and good-tasting dairy products favored by consumers

  • Ensures visual appeal, such as cream cheese with an attractive shine

  • Create baking-stable textures such as feta cheese and cream cheese for baking

  • Ensure fermented beverages have a stable shelf life and no sedimentation

  • Reliable shear stability during processing

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