Natural organic cheese solutions

Natural organic cheese solutions

Natural organic cheese solutions

Organic cooking-stable cheese, organic white cheese, organic cast cheese

With the help of our new organic product line, cheese manufacturers can now launch organic products that offer multiple consumption possibilities - from healthy on-the-go snacks to a cheese as part of a light meal – offered in various formats, from sticks to slices, cubes or cheese blocks. 

Naturally, every Arla Foods Ingredients organic cheese solution also includes access to in-depth know-how around natural, "clean-label" formulation and parameters. Powered by innovative organic milk protein ingredients, all of our organic cheese solutions feature:

  • Short ingredient list to support health and quality 
  • Possibility to reach high protein levels
  • Simple production process

Below, we've highlighted a few of our exciting natural organic applications. Get in contact to learn more about other application possibilities. 

Organic, cooking-stable cheese
Perfect for culinary use - and with broad appeal around the world, our cooking-stable cheese solutions present a compelling organic opportunity for manufacturers aiming to combine great mouthfeel with mild taste – and who demand exceptional heat stability during processing, too. 

This organic cheese solution enables powerful consumer appeal through additional features:

  • Reacts optimally with rennet 
  • Clean, milky taste 
  • Sliceable texture 
  • Reduced sodium options


Organic white cheese
While still a niche market, natural organic, clean-label choices are rapidly gaining favour among MENA consumers as they pay increasing attention to products that can support their health and overall quality of life. Here, natural organic offerings play a vital role – particularly in the fast-growing Middle East markets.

Our organic white cheese solutions deliver to local needs, opening new, market-ready opportunities for recombined products, with everything you need to produce a natural organic winner:

  • Reacts optimally with rennet
  • Clean, milky taste
  • Breakable texture
  • Cast production 


Organic cast cheese 
More and more Chinese consumers are looking for light meals and snacks that are healthy and convenient, yet filling and satisfying. Reducing meat consumption and/or following a flexitarian diet is becoming increasingly popular, too.

At the same time, Chinese cheese manufacturers constantly face the twin challenges of limited production and regulatory requirements that they must use at least 15% real cheese in their production.

Now, a novel innovation we call "cast cheese", enables manufacturers to make their own cheese by simply mixing a compound with other ingredients. Local raw materials such as organic milk and butter can be used, and the final result can either be a finished cheese product, or a semi-finished cheese to use as a base to simulate mozzarella, gouda or cheddar products. 

Product benefits include:

  • Enables organic cheese products  
  • Alternative to conventional cheese production 
  • Avoids whey drainage 
  • Fast structure development 
  • Pleasantly milky, mild taste 
  • Easy process 
  • CAPEX cost savings 


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